About us

Fraktmäklarna is a company with over 25 years experience in freight forwarding worldwide. Everything from road transport to full container loads. We help companies worldwide ar optimize their transportloads and reduce their transportation costs.

We have a very close cooperation with many different freight forwarders, which enables us to solve everything from courier shipments to full container loads, All over the world!

We make sure we understad your needs and offer you the best service possible and we make sure that the goods arrive at the right time and in the right place.

Heard from a customer

"Logistics functions play a central role in an export company. Logistics is also much more than shipping from A to B, arranging documents and contacts with authorities belongs to the daily routine of logistics. 

We can without a doubt recomend Fraktmäklarna, During our cooperation years, we have not had a single case where we felt doubtful, it has worked in every way optimally.

Without the help from Fraktmäklarna, we had been extremely much more vulnerable and likely to have shipping complaints. IDD works with chemical exports to major parts of the world.

We highly recommend this company!
Without the slightest doubt!

Johan Söderlund Larsson
CEO - President
IDD Juvelit Group
Stenungsund, Sweden